About us (our mission)

Rättvisehuset was started in 2016 by Camilla Ödman. The mission is to make legal advice accessible to the individuals with the greatest needs and help these individuals against powerful counterparties, such as authorities and companies that exploit their power positions. We will help you with your case and assist with concrete efforts needed, whether it is a matter of appeal to a public authoritiy or attend a meeting with a supervisor.

Our Services

We can assist you with advice, support and practical issues, especially with authorities-related questions, but also matters between you and private companies. After our first discussion, we will assess your situation and review areas where you need help.

Examples where we can be of assistance:

• You have ended up between chairs in contact with the authorities and is bounced back and forth, and nobody seems to take responsibility.

• You have received a decision from the authorities that you do not understand.

• You are an older person who has been misled by a telecom operator or its reseller.

• Legal assistance to bring your family to Sweden.

 This, and much more, we can help with. 

Contact us for assistance

We are located in Stockholm, but, of course, receive assignments regardless of location:

T: 0760-900 635

E: info@rattvisehuset.se